AHNE Bryniau Clwyd / Clwydian Range AONB


Moel Findeg

The people of Maeshafn loved their mountain enough to help raise £465,000 to buy it and save it from quarrying. Now it’s a 56-acre Local Nature Reserve - a unique example of lowland heathland occurring at high altitude.

The AONB manages the reserve in partnership with the Friends of Moel Findeg and lots of help from volunteers.

The short walk to the top of Moel Findeg is rewarded by some of the finest views in Denbighshire. Narrow winding pathways lead through delightful birch woodland and out on to open heath.

View from Moel FindegViews stretch out across the Alyn Valley to the summit of Moel Famau. To the east there are uninterrupted views across Flintshire stretching as far as Merseyside and the Cheshire Plain. The summit itself, known as the Bishop’s Chair, is owned by a local farmer but a permissive footpath leads across.

Once-busy Moel Findeg is a place of hidden treasures. Evidence of old quarries and lead mines now lies hidden within the woodland and heathland.


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